Interview Podcast

Cheeky Interview – Nelson Smyles Part 1

Tom and Ian get the opportunity to interview the hilarious superstar Nelson “Smyles” West. 

Nelson is a clown acrobat who trained at NICA and after graduating promptly got cast into the role of a hoop diver and main clown in the Cirque du Soleil show, Luzia. In this show, he has performed worldwide.

TIMESTAMPS: Things we Talk / Laugh About

0.00 Introductions
1.43 About Nelson
3.30 What Nelson Learned From His Teachers
10.39 How Nelson Got Into Clowning (And Luzia)
20.30 Learning The Luzia Roles
29.29 How Would You Describe Yourself?
31.34 What Shows Do You Remember The Most
37.09 Do You Prefer Solo Or Duo Clown?
38.48 The Royal Albert Hall
44.09 Outro
44.19 Joke Of The Day


E5 Steps:

  • Introduction
  • Instigating Event
  • Conflict
  • Climax 
  • Resolution
Interview Podcast

Cheeky Interview – Simon Wright!

In this episode we bring in special guest Simon Wright!

Simon Wright is an international Clown and Circus performer, and one of the founding members of Dummies Corp, Clown O’Clock and the Adelaide Juggling Convention.   

In PART 1 of this interview, Simon talks about building the weekly classes of ‘Clown o Clock’, dives into process and inspiration of making his own solo show ‘Totally Plucked’ and shares his favorite lessons and stories about his journey into Clowning.

TIMESTAMPS: Things we Laugh / Talk about

0.00 Introductions

1.07 Simon Introductions

2.49 How simon got into Circus

4.35m NICA Specialties   

6.16 All About Clown O Clock

14. 43 Red Bastard /  Stories of Clown Styles Across Countries

20.26 Combining Clowning and Circus Skills

22.54 Totally Plucked – Simons Inspiration

31.23 Story of the First Chicken Performance

35.37 Simons Favorite Clowning Realizations / Life Lessons

48.03 When Simon decided he wanted to be a Clown  / More Stories

1.02.01 Summary of Key Clowning Realizations

1.04.10 Outro

1.04.25 Joke of the Day

LINKS to things talked about:

“It’s Alive!”  aka Dr Frankienstien at Ruccis horror cabaret 2011

“Simon Wright’s Circus workout” NICA graduation piece- development video

Cirque du demain- NICA opening act. 2012

Simon’s Show reel for Hoopla Doopla ABC2 and CCTV for kids. Filmed in 2013

Official Hoopla Doopla Trailer- released in 2014

“Road side rubbish” aka Trash Test Dummies at Mullumbimby circus festival 2013

“Trash Test Dummies” at Sydney Comedy Festival 2016

Trash Test Dummies Promo 2014- no sound

Trash Test Testimonials- 2016 (in reference to the QLD touring pitch)

Splash Test Dummies Joke? 2016
21 towns and 21 tricks- regional WA tour 2016- When Simon drove the rest of the Dummies crazy learning shaker cups

Trash Test Dummies Promo 2016

Totally Plucked Promo 2018

Splash Test Dummies Promo 2018