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Marcel Marceau – Highlighted Histories

Today we take a look at the most famous MIME in the world! Said to have single handedly revived the art of mime during the 20th century, there is most certainly more than meets the eye here!

After rescuing many children during WWII as a part of the French Resistance, he turned to performance, where his shows would touch hearts and minds. Even becoming friends with Michael Jackson and becoming an inspiration for the moonwalk!

0.00 Intro
1.24 Opening Notes
3.04 Birth and Youth
9.03 School and Beginning of Career
15.27 Stock Acts
22.03 Side Track
22.48 Outro
23.30 Joke Of The Day

Marcel Marceau Miming
The Mask Act
Shitfaced Shakespeare


Glossary of Terms Podcast

What is Mime?

What is Mime?! Baby don’t hurt me…Don’t hurt me… No More!

In this episode of the Cheeky Podcast Tom and Ian attempt to make sense of the performance genre of Mime. What is Mime? And how is it similar and different to Clowning? Find out this and more as we try to piece together the mystery of Mime.


0.00m Introduction
3.55m What is Mime?
8.53m Can Mimes use Props ?
13.39m Is mime a category of Clown ?
17.38m History of Modern Mime
22.55m Trivia & Fun Facts 
24.55m Outro
26.15m Joke of the Day


Pop Culture references !

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