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Middleditch and Schwartz – Clowns React

An unexpected masterpiece. Middleditch and Schwarts can forever change what you thought was possible with improvised comedy. In the first Clowns React episode for 2021,  Tune in to hear Tom and Ian barely contain themselves as they break down the comedic devices, their favorite moments and fun facts about the creators of the show. 

Middleditch and Schwarts is a 2020 improvised Netflix comedy special with a Rotten Tomato’s review score of One Hundred Percent. Dang! 

SPOILER ALERT: We highly recommend you watch the first episode ‘The Wedding’ before listening to this podcast 🙂 

0.00m Start 
0.23m Introductions
2.41m How Middleditch and Schwarts run the show
3.38m Comedic Devices 
13.53m Favorite Moments 
18.39m Trivia about the Creators 
23.30m Outro


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