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Cheeky Interview – Kane Harrington – ‘Kano the Clown’

Kane Harrington is an Australian Comedy Clown and Circus Performer. In ‘The ‘Cheeky Podcast’s 20th episode special, Kane shares about his life growing up in traditional Australian circus, and performing Clown following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.


0.00 Start
0.14 Introductions
1.53 Kanes Background
3.29 Growing Up in a Traditional Circus
5.40  Why Clown?
8.20 How did you Learn & How quickly did you get on stage performing Clown ?
12.20  Show Duties while performing
14.46 The Acts Kane Performs / Learning them
20.48 Differences Between a Stage and Circus Tent / Moving to a Different Tent
28.02 Who is your Favorite Clown?
30.47 Being a tent Boss?
35.09 Favorite Performance Memories
37.07 Least Favorite Performance Memories
40.41 Kane asks US about the Podcast
42.58 Joke of the Day
44.56 Outro


Kano the Clowns Facebook
Kanes Youtube
Hudsons Circus
Webbers Circus
David Larible: (Kanes Favorite Clown)

The Cheeky Podcast is produced by Tomas Correia and Ian Richardson