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What is Bouffon?

Answering the age old question of Bouffon, Tom and Ian get into how, where and why Bouffon came to be.
Bouffon is a style of performance in which the aim is to provoke emotion (usually laughter in the uncomfortable) in order to gain clarity or resonance in a particular subject – the more taboo, raucous, or edgy the better.

If you’re interested in researching more about Bouffon then feel free to have a look through our sources below! Let us know if we missed something interesting.

0.00 Intro
1.18 Initial Notes
5.30 What is Bouffon?
7.32 Myth of Bouffon
11.15 Good Art
12.33 Visuals of Bouffon
14.24 Modern Bouffon Origin
18.33 Stock Characters
19.11 Nate
20.26 Outro
21.20 Joke of the Day

Jacques Lecoq
Phillipe Gaulier
Giovanni Fusetti
Bouffon Examples

Glossary of Terms Podcast

What is Mime?

What is Mime?! Baby don’t hurt me…Don’t hurt me… No More!

In this episode of the Cheeky Podcast Tom and Ian attempt to make sense of the performance genre of Mime. What is Mime? And how is it similar and different to Clowning? Find out this and more as we try to piece together the mystery of Mime.


0.00m Introduction
3.55m What is Mime?
8.53m Can Mimes use Props ?
13.39m Is mime a category of Clown ?
17.38m History of Modern Mime
22.55m Trivia & Fun Facts 
24.55m Outro
26.15m Joke of the Day


Pop Culture references !

Video 1

Video 2

Glossary of Terms Podcast

Auguste Clown – The Clown Type Series

When you think of the stereotypical Clown, the ‘Auguste’ clown is probably what comes to mind.  In this episode of the Cheeky Podcast , Tom and Ian talk about the characteristics , appearance and possible origin stories for one of the most widely recognized style of clown . ]

0.00m Start
0.23m Introduction
1.44m Opening Statements 
3.03m Different Unrelated Facts  
4.48m Status of the Clown
7.25m Stories of where the ‘Auguste’ Clown comes from 
12.02m Behaviour of the the Auguste Clown    
15.02m Appearance of the Auguste Clown 
16.35m Discussion on things we discovered 
19.02m Closing Statements 
19.40m Joke of the Day x 2!