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The Three Stooges – Highlighted Histories

The original comic trio of the 20th century, ‘The Three Stooges’ were icons of the short film era. With a mixture of witty jokes, ludacris situations and eye poking slapstick, the Stooges were Movie stars, Television stars and Live Performance wonders. Tune in to learn and laugh, as Tom and Ian dive into this comic groups wacky career. 

0.00m Start
0.21m Episode introduction
1.40m The Stooges Overview 
5.52m Early Career
12.16m Columbia Pictures Years / Audience Popularity / Being Cartoons
16.49m  The Different Cast Members / Using Recycled Footage
20.11m ‘Fake Shemp’ ?? / Resurgence of Popularity in the 1960’s / Remake Movie 
26.27m Tom and Ian’s ‘take aways’ from researching the Stooges 
31.38m Outro
32.23m Joke of the day
33.45m End




2012 Remake Movie :

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