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Highlighted Histories – Grock – ‘The King of Clowns’

In this episode of the Cheeky Podcast, Tom and Ian discuss what they found about Grock, a famous 20th century European clown often titled “The King of Clown’. Tune in to hear about the skills, performances and even mansion of this whimsical performer.  

Episode 19 – Timestamps

0.11m Introductions 

1.34m  Researching the King of Clown

3.09m Grock in the time of Charlie Chaplin 

5.38m Vila Grock – A Mansion owned by a clown. 

What happened to Grocks Fortunes ? 

11.22m Lifes a Lark / 
Being a musical Clown and multi skilled man. 

14.35m Backtrack – Grocks Earlier Years 

18.30m Grocks Stage Gags 

20.11 How did Grock become rich? 

24.25m Places Performed / Grock shying away from Political Statements / Famous Friends? 

26.46m Other Extrodary Skills / Combining Clown with other Skillsets /
 Grocks last performance / 

29.18m A little about Grocks performance Partners

30.35m Joke of the Day + Outro

Grocks Stage Performace




Villa Grock

Villa Grock Google Images Result