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Cheeky Interview – Simon Wright Part 2

In Part 2 of the interview with Simon Wright, Simon describes the full founding of the Dummies Corp. From its original ideas in the NICA classrooms to full international tours, Fringe Festivals and more, listen in for stores and lessons about Building a Multi Show company from scratch. 


“Road side rubbish” aka Trash Test Dummies at Mullumbimby circus festival 2013

“Trash Test Dummies” at Sydney Comedy Festival 2016

Trash Test Dummies Promo 2014- no sound

Trash Test Testimonials- 2016 (in reference to the QLD touring pitch)

Splash Test Dummies Joke? 2016
21 towns and 21 tricks- regional WA tour 2016- When Simon drove the rest of the Dummies crazy learning shaker cups

Trash Test Dummies Promo 2016