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Clowns React – Bean The Ultimate Disaster Movie

In this ‘Clowns React’ Episode, Tom and Ian talk about the comedic devices and ideas featured in the famous Rouhan Ankinson film “Bean, The Ultimate Disaster Movie’. 

‘Mr Bean’ is originally a T.V sitcom character first presented in 1990. This persona is a great example of someone who uses many comedic techniques such as “Clown Logic’ to solve problems in unusual ways. 

Timestamps Episode 12

0.00 Introductions 
2.08 Bean The Ultimate Disaster Moive Introduction and opening credits analysis
5.15 Character introductions 
7.42 Bathroom Scene 
14.57 Office Scene
17.35 Fun Park / Projection Ride Scene
19. 17 Beans Multiple Arrests 
22.53 Toms Favourite Moment
28. Beans Character/ Unlucky Idiot /Comparrison to Placebo Clown Show
32.05 Hospital Moment 1 / Removing the Bullet
35.34 Comedic Devices of Removing the Bullet
36.59 Hospital Moment 2 / Waking Up the Daughter 
40.15 Outro
41.20 Joke of the Day
42.24 End