Highlighted Histories Podcast

Highlighted Histories – Emmett Kelly

Emmett Kelly’s life is held in such high regard as the clown who invented the tramp clown. Listen in as Tom and Ian discuss the world renowned Emmett Kelly in this all new series – Highlighted Histories.

In this new series, Tom and Ian provide a short biography of a selected famous clown in history, and then ask questions, discuss and find out new information. Next week we will be discussing Charlie Chaplin!

TIMESTAMPS – Things we talk / laugh about

00 – Introductions
1.13 – Emmett Kelly Intro
2.15 – Birth and Young Adulthood
4.43 – Marriage and Children
5.36 – Invention of Acts
7.20 – Before Weary Willie
8.54 – Ringling Brothers Era
10.23 – Hartford Circus Fire
13.18 – Emmett Kelly Jr.
15.00 – Not quite patriotism
16.25 – International Clown Hall of Fame
18.52 – Otto Griebling
20.43 – Outro
21.31 – Joke of the Day
22.19 – End


Weary Willie Sketch
Sweeping the Spotlight Emmett Kelly
‘Carrying Water’ Photo
Hartford Fire Recount
International Clown Hall of Fame
Clown: My Life In Tatters and Smiles – Autobiography by Emmett Kelly Sr.
Oleg Popov Spotlight act