Clowns Create Podcast

The Electrician – Clowns Create!

The next installment of the Clowns Create series has landed! Using nothing but quick wit and creativity, Tom and Ian brainstorm an entire live performance Clown Routine completely from scratch. 

Clowns Create episodes were made to exercise our creative muscles and apply some of the clowning techniques we have learned about while at NICA and producing the Cheeky Podcast. 

0.00m Intro
1.32m Act Triangle
4.04m Brainstorming Begins
18.09m Remembering Audience Interaction !
26.52m Outro
28.25mJoke of the Day

Around the World Daft Punk

Classic Bugs Bunny Skit with Lightning

Clowns Create Podcast

Baton Controller – Clowns Create!

A brand new thing! Today Ian and Tom create an act in front of your very ears! Beginning with an Act Triangle they make their way through their imagination to create the amazing Baton Controller!

0.00 Intro
1.57 Act Triangle
3.00 The World
5.35 Character Rd 1
10.07 Audience Interactions
13.50 Overview
17.05 Character Rd 2
24.24 Outro
25.51 Joke of the Day

Ludwig Interview
Bonebreaker Leo
European Whiteface