Highlighted Histories Podcast

Buster Keaton – Highlighted Histories

Buster Keaton was a Producer, Writer, Comic Actor and Stuntman who peaked in popularity in the late 1920s. His films including ‘The General’ and ‘Steamboat Bill, Jr.’ have been titled as some of the greatest silent films of all time. Tune in to hear Tom and Ian share about the ups and downs of this amazing artists career and personal life.


0.00m Introductions 
1.30m  Growing up into a family of Vaudeville performers
11.26m Leaving the Family Show and Entering Film 
15.41m Creating Buster Keaton Productions 
18.15m The Collapse of Buster Keaton Productions + Signing his creative life away to MGM
24.06m Busters Downward Spiral 
28.01m Buster gets his life back together 
30.43m Returning to Hollywood to become a Gag writer, Discussing Buster becoming bankrupt. 
35.08m  Discussing Busters popularity resurgence + Career later on 
38.50m People who have been inspired by Buster Keaton’s life
44.45m Outro 
47.07 Joke of the Day


Clowns React Podcast

The General by Buster Keaton – Clowns React

Ian and Tom discuss Buster Keaton’s favourite film that he starred and directed, ‘The General’. Come and listen as they laugh their way through this silent movie classic, based off of the real life historical event of ‘The Great Locomotive Chase’.

TIME STAMPS : Things we Talk / Laugh About

0.00 Introductions
1.36 “The General” Introduction
3.22 Cracking Into It
8.07 How Funny is it? + The Rail Handcar Incident
14.05 Slide Counts
15.47 Ian’s Favourite Part
18.55 The Trifecta of Character
22.30 Humour in the Everyday
24.27 Tom’s Favourite Moment + Hallucinating Carriages
27.20 “The Great Stone Face” + Verbal Humour
30.27 Film Facts
36.08 Outro
37.33 Joke of the Day
38.51 End
38.56 EXTRA


Buster Keaton’s Stunts
Big Lever that requires Hand Waving (i.e. Rail Handcar)


Joke 1
Joke 2