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Interview – Jeff Young

Reunited at last! After three months of recording and editing separately due to Covid – 19 , Tom and Ian bring in their second guest appearance, Jeff Young. Jeff is a Ian’s former Clown classmate and National Institute of Circus Arts (N.I.C.A) alumni.

This episode, equal interview and discussion, covers topics of Jeffs background, Scary Clowns, some of Jeff’s hilarious memories and assessments from Clown College.

Timestamps – Things we talk / laugh about

00 – Introductions
2.15 – Jeff’s background and NICA memorable moments
7.45 – Scary Clowns
17.30 – 2016 Clown Sightings / Traditional Clowns appearance / Identity and performance
26.50 – Jeff’s Favorite NICA assessments
38.10 – Plans for the Future / NICA Showcase Character
41.30 – Incorporating Comedy into Physical Specialties
47.30 – Benefits and Challenges of working as a Trio
54.30 – Traditional Clown Endings / Should all clowns learn traditional Acts ?
57.21 – Joke of the Day / Conclusion
59.25 –  SECRET BONUS ?!?!?!?!?!?


Maestro – Jeffs NICA Showcase Teaser
Trio Clown NICA assessments – Second Year Meddling Ceremon
Trio Clown Wedding Act
National Geographic Clown Interviews

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Comedic Devices

Tom and Ian talk about the many comedic devices used in physical comedy and clown. We grapple with definitions, and attempt to explain our thoughts in clear, concise and meaningful ways.
*Laughter Ensues*


  • 2:11 – Emotion
  • 3:38 – Theories of Humour
  • 12:44 – Surprise
  • 13:59 – Absurdity
  • 18:10 – Parody
  • 20:57 – Repetition
  • 25:02 – Clown Logic & Improvisation
  • 31:12 – High & Low Status
  • 35:09 – Gags & Lazzi
  • 39:00 – Winning & Losing
  • 41:52 – The Taboo
  • 45:07 – Joke of The Day

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Interview Podcast

Interview – Ciara Thorburn

In this special occasion, we have Ciara Thorburn – handstander, juggler, variety performer, and lucky last, a CLOWN! Listen in as Tom and Ian discuss all things Ciara.

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Clowns React Podcast

Clowns React – Placebo

Today Ian and Tom discuss the amazing clown show, Placebo, created by Joe de Paul, a former Cirque du Soleil clown. Listen in as we dissect, analyse and laugh at the silliness and humour of Placebo.

For those confused about this whole ‘Episode 5’ business, it is due to ‘Episode 4’ not being able to be edited. As of now, ‘Episode 4’ is being delayed inevitably…


Joe De Paul

Clowns React Podcast

Clowns React – Slava’s Snowshow

Ian and Tom eagerly discuss what is considered to be one of the best clown shows in modern times, Slava’s Snowshow. They attempt to wriggle their brains around the show as a whole, and delve into why it’s just so funny.


Slava’s Snowshow
See it LIVE
“BUM BUM – BUM BUM” Music (O Fortuna)

Glossary of Terms Podcast

GoT -What is a clown?

Tom and Ian discuss what qualities are needed for a comic person to become a clown, and they delve into the differences between traditional vs contemporary clowns, and theatrical vs circus clowns, which makes them both very confused.

The Artist by Thom Monckton
Franco Dragone
Venn Diagram

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The Set Up

It’s alive! Ian and Tom talk about how they don’t know anything about podcasting, and how they don’t know what this podcast is even about. The beginning of every adventure has to start somewhere.