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Middleditch and Schwartz – Clowns React

An unexpected masterpiece. Middleditch and Schwarts can forever change what you thought was possible with improvised comedy. In the first Clowns React episode for 2021,  Tune in to hear Tom and Ian barely contain themselves as they break down the comedic devices, their favorite moments and fun facts about the creators of the show. 

Middleditch and Schwarts is a 2020 improvised Netflix comedy special with a Rotten Tomato’s review score of One Hundred Percent. Dang! 

SPOILER ALERT: We highly recommend you watch the first episode ‘The Wedding’ before listening to this podcast 🙂 

0.00m Start 
0.23m Introductions
2.41m How Middleditch and Schwarts run the show
3.38m Comedic Devices 
13.53m Favorite Moments 
18.39m Trivia about the Creators 
23.30m Outro


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Glossary of Terms Podcast

Tramp/Hobo Clown – The Clown Types Series

Did you know that there is a difference between Hobo and Tramp Clown types?
We didn’t either! Tune in to listen to that, as well as the fascinating history and origin of these two types.

0.00 Intro
3.10 Historical Context
4.54 Origin of Hobo/Tramp Clown
5.33 Discussion of Origin
11.00 Appearance of Hobo/Tramp/Bag Lady
14.21 Characteristics of Hobo/Tramp/Bag Lady
19.54 Hobo/Tramp Performers
21.07 Outro
21.47 Joke Of The Day

Tramp vs Hobo
History of Tramp/Hobo

Glossary of Terms Podcast

Auguste Clown – The Clown Type Series

When you think of the stereotypical Clown, the ‘Auguste’ clown is probably what comes to mind.  In this episode of the Cheeky Podcast , Tom and Ian talk about the characteristics , appearance and possible origin stories for one of the most widely recognized style of clown . ]

0.00m Start
0.23m Introduction
1.44m Opening Statements 
3.03m Different Unrelated Facts  
4.48m Status of the Clown
7.25m Stories of where the ‘Auguste’ Clown comes from 
12.02m Behaviour of the the Auguste Clown    
15.02m Appearance of the Auguste Clown 
16.35m Discussion on things we discovered 
19.02m Closing Statements 
19.40m Joke of the Day x 2! 


Clowns React Podcast

Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House Of Fun – Clowns React

The brand new Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House Of Fun has come and brought joy to all the boys and girls this Holiday Season! In this Clown’s React we dissect their and talk about our absolute favourite moments from the show.

Aunty Donna is a performing group who, after amassing 300,000 Youtube subscribers, have created and released an absurdist show on Netflix called Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House Of Fun.

0.00 Intro
2.26 Comedic Devices
11.49 Favourite Moment
19.17 Outro
20.15 Joke Of The Day

Aunty Donna
Aunty Donna Youtube
Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House Of Fun Netflix

Clowns React Podcast

You Nazty Spy! By The Three Stooges – Clowns React

You Nazty Spy is an old Three Stooges short film classic (try saying that 10 times quickly). We try out a brand new format to the Clowns React episode!

Tune in for weird maps, farce, and dinosaurs as we discuss this all time classic, a favourite of two of the Three Stooges, Moe and Larry.

0.00 Intro
1.27 Style Of Humour
4.50 Favourite Gag
9.16 Trivia
12.45 Outro
13.50 Joke Of The Day

You Nazty Spy!
The Map Screenshot

Clowns React Podcast

Safety Last by Harold Lloyd – Clowns React

In this short episode we discuss Harold Lloyd’s Safety Last, a movie widely regarded to be his most famous feature film!

Safety Last is a silent era film featuring the then famous Harold Lloyd, a person recognised in his time for his funny films and witty humour. Join us as we dissect and laugh!


0.00 Intro
2.15 Music
3.38 Verbal Jokes
8.27 The Speed Of Film
10.10 The Finale
15.02 Style Of Funny
16.56 The Fabric Scene
18.56 Aiding The Story
24.48 Underground Elevator Gag
26.04 Outro
28.07 Joke Of The Day


Ian’s Microphone
Tom’s Microphone
Safety Last Movie
Buster Keaton Episodes
Full Tram

Clowns React Podcast

Grocks Performance – Clowns React

The King Of Clowns only recorded performance is reviewed by Ian and Tom, two clown graduates. Grock, the King Of Clowns is a clown who primarily performed in Music Halls, who could speak 6 languages, and who could play 26 different instruments.

His success truly led from his performances though, and he was said to be the most famous and rich performer in the world at one point.


0.00 Intro
1.19 Opening Scene
4.55 Grocks Types Of Humour
7.30 Changing Outfit Gag
10.39 Thom Monckton’s Inspiration?
11.47 5 O’Clocksies
13.51 Use Of Set
15.12 Laughing At His Own Jokes
16.50 Grock And His Partners Relationship
17.56 Brief Talent Tangent
20.32 Grock And His Partners Relationship Pt. 2
26.35 Violin Schtick
30.12 Juxtaposition
32.23 Changing Stance Gag
33.16 Jump To Backrest
35.39 Strange Filming
37.41 Outro
38.34 Joke Of The Day


Grock The Clown – Stage Performance (“Bühnen-Sketch”, 1931)
Bühnen-sketch translation
Opening Sequence
Folding Arm Gag
Thom Monckton
Piano Bells
Piano Not Letting Him Play
Playing The Same Violin
Walking In And Out
Violin Schtick
Copying Accordion
Changing Stance Gag
Famous Trick
Joke Of The Day

The Cheeky Podcast is produced by Tomas Correia and Ian Richardson

Interview Podcast

Shona Conacher – Cheeky Interview!

Shona is a Circus Artist, Street Performer, Fringe Show Creator and stars in the hit children’s show ‘Don’t Mess with the Dummies’. In this episode, Tom and Ian ask about Shonas’ background, creative work, life as as street performer and much more!

0.22m  Introductions:   
1.46m Tell us about yourself! 
6.53m When did you first hear about the Dummies?
9.59m When did you know you wanted to do Funny things?: 
12.03m Do you have a creative process?
16.28m All about ‘Big Glittery Shit Show’
27.23m Getting into and being a Street Performer
31.00m Biggest takeaways from Street Shows
38.55m Favorite and Least Favorite Performance Moments
45.09m Inspirations
52.15m Plans for the Future?
57.33m What is a Clown ?
1.04.19m joke of the Day + Outro


Circus Aotearoa
Circus monoxide
Simon Wright Interview
Ciara Thornburn Interview
Jess Love
Tom Walker
Dummies Corp.

The Cheeky Podcast is produced by Tomas Correia and Ian Richardson

Clowns React Podcast

Clowns React – Duck Soup

Duck Soup is THE MOST popular movie created by The Marx Brothers. Spies, slapstick and political bureaucracy, this movie has it all. Join Tom and Ian as they delve into the physical and verbal comedy of this movie.


0.00 Introduction
1.32 Beginning Of Movie
3.38 The Leader of Freedonia
6.17 The Motorcycle Gag
8.56 The Mirror Scene
11.20 The Peanut Scene
13.16 Toms Favourite Joke
13.55 Strange Moments
19.11 The Fourth Brother
23.20 The Phone Line Gag
26.40 The War Scene
30.31 The Sliding Socks Gag
31.32 Outro
32.28 Joke Of The Day


The Duck Soup Movie
Not “Quatro”, Quartet
Duck Soup Idiom
The General – Buster Keaton
Clowns React – The General
Highlighted Histories – Charlie Chaplin
Cheeky Interview – Simon Wright
Steven Wright

The Cheeky Podcast is produced by Tomas Correia and Ian Richardson

Interview Podcast

Cheeky Interview – Kane Harrington – ‘Kano the Clown’

Kane Harrington is an Australian Comedy Clown and Circus Performer. In ‘The ‘Cheeky Podcast’s 20th episode special, Kane shares about his life growing up in traditional Australian circus, and performing Clown following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.


0.00 Start
0.14 Introductions
1.53 Kanes Background
3.29 Growing Up in a Traditional Circus
5.40  Why Clown?
8.20 How did you Learn & How quickly did you get on stage performing Clown ?
12.20  Show Duties while performing
14.46 The Acts Kane Performs / Learning them
20.48 Differences Between a Stage and Circus Tent / Moving to a Different Tent
28.02 Who is your Favorite Clown?
30.47 Being a tent Boss?
35.09 Favorite Performance Memories
37.07 Least Favorite Performance Memories
40.41 Kane asks US about the Podcast
42.58 Joke of the Day
44.56 Outro


Kano the Clowns Facebook
Kanes Youtube
Hudsons Circus
Webbers Circus
David Larible: (Kanes Favorite Clown)

The Cheeky Podcast is produced by Tomas Correia and Ian Richardson