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A Clowns QnA #1

Tom and Ian answer a multitude of questions that they garnered from their friends, family and fans. Listen in for their anecdotes, tales and laugh along at their silliness!

You asked, we answered! But its not too late! You can still send in questions at or through our page on Facebook.

TIMESTAMPS: Things we Talk / Laugh About

0.00 Introductions
1.47 Question #1: Comic Timing
4.19 Question #2: Clown Training
11.17 Question #3: Best Moments
14.40 Question #3: Worst Moments
18.35 Question #4: Other Clown
22.32 Question #5: Clown Logic
25.55 Question #6: The Clown Life
29.44 Question #7: Clowns ONLY
32.32 Question #8: Clown vs Drunkard
35.05 Question #9: A Box of Clown
38.07 Question #10: Clown Turing Test
42.09 Outro
43.29 Joke of the Day
44.12 End


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