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Highlighted Histories – Charlie Chaplin Pt. 2

The second half is here!

Tom and Ian discuss the rest of Charlie Chaplin’s life, including becoming an independent film producer, the peak and fall of popularity, as well as communist accusations and receiving the longest standing ovation in Academy Award history…

TIME STAMPS : Things we Talk / Laugh About

0.00 Introductions to Part 2
1.12 Production changes after becoming independent / Charlies Perfectionism
2.44 Charlies second marriage to Lita Grey + Controversy
4.34 The Next films made, ‘The Gold Rush’ and ‘The Circus’
5.47 Sound being introduced into film + ‘City Lights’ film
8.08 ‘Modern Times’ film
9.22 Charlies third marriage + More controversy
9.54 ‘The Great Dictator’ Film
10.47 ‘Monsieur Verdoux’ film / Falling popularity
12.04 ‘Limelight’ film / Getting Older
13.40 Banning from the U.S after communist accusations
14.45 Formal Recognition of this work
15.53 Charlies Oscar Ceremony
16.46 Charlies Death / Unexpected Event / Quick Facts
18.57 Outro
19.38 Joke of the Day
21.05 End


Charlie Eats his shoe, ‘The Gold Rush’

‘City Lights’ Final Scene

The Great Dictator Finale Speech

1972 Oscars Standing Ovation

Charlie Chaplin’s Favorite Recipes !


Youtube Video about ‘Dramady’

Charlie Chaplin Website:

Britannica Page:

Wikipedia Page:

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