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Marcel Marceau – Highlighted Histories

Today we take a look at the most famous MIME in the world! Said to have single handedly revived the art of mime during the 20th century, there is most certainly more than meets the eye here!

After rescuing many children during WWII as a part of the French Resistance, he turned to performance, where his shows would touch hearts and minds. Even becoming friends with Michael Jackson and becoming an inspiration for the moonwalk!

0.00 Intro
1.24 Opening Notes
3.04 Birth and Youth
9.03 School and Beginning of Career
15.27 Stock Acts
22.03 Side Track
22.48 Outro
23.30 Joke Of The Day

Marcel Marceau Miming
The Mask Act
Shitfaced Shakespeare


Highlighted Histories Podcast

Chocolat and Foottit – Highlighted Histories

One of the original pairings of the August and White Face Clown, Chocolat and Foottit became a famous comedy duo in 19th century France who broke the social norm. Tune in to hear more about their lives, careers and comedy style! \


0.00 Intro 
2.12 Opening Statements 
2.40 Chocolats Upbringing
10.29 Foottits Upbringing 
13.32 Their performance career 
22.26 The Duos Separation and  Additional Facts 
26.37 Outro
27.31 Joke of the Day 

Old Footage!


Highlighted Histories Podcast

Joseph Grimaldi – The ORIGINAL Clown – Highlighted Histories

Today we are going over the fascinating history of the worlds first clown, Joseph Grimaldi!

Joseph Grimaldi is accredited to being the inventor of the modern clown, whether that’s character clown, white face or even auguste, its all due to his interactive style that he invented in 1801.

0.00 Intro
1.13 Initial Notes
2.47 Family History
5.41 Pantomime Side Note
6.57 Childhood and Teenage Years
13.13 His 20’s and the Origin of Clown
20.47 Highlights
23.22 Family and Old Age
28.30 Final Notes
30.58 Outro
32.31 Joke of the Day

Memoirs of Grimaldi – Charles Dickens

Highlighted Histories Podcast

The Three Stooges – Highlighted Histories

The original comic trio of the 20th century, ‘The Three Stooges’ were icons of the short film era. With a mixture of witty jokes, ludacris situations and eye poking slapstick, the Stooges were Movie stars, Television stars and Live Performance wonders. Tune in to learn and laugh, as Tom and Ian dive into this comic groups wacky career. 

0.00m Start
0.21m Episode introduction
1.40m The Stooges Overview 
5.52m Early Career
12.16m Columbia Pictures Years / Audience Popularity / Being Cartoons
16.49m  The Different Cast Members / Using Recycled Footage
20.11m ‘Fake Shemp’ ?? / Resurgence of Popularity in the 1960’s / Remake Movie 
26.27m Tom and Ian’s ‘take aways’ from researching the Stooges 
31.38m Outro
32.23m Joke of the day
33.45m End




2012 Remake Movie :

The Three Stooges Fandom

Highlighted Histories Podcast

Buster Keaton – Highlighted Histories

Buster Keaton was a Producer, Writer, Comic Actor and Stuntman who peaked in popularity in the late 1920s. His films including ‘The General’ and ‘Steamboat Bill, Jr.’ have been titled as some of the greatest silent films of all time. Tune in to hear Tom and Ian share about the ups and downs of this amazing artists career and personal life.


0.00m Introductions 
1.30m  Growing up into a family of Vaudeville performers
11.26m Leaving the Family Show and Entering Film 
15.41m Creating Buster Keaton Productions 
18.15m The Collapse of Buster Keaton Productions + Signing his creative life away to MGM
24.06m Busters Downward Spiral 
28.01m Buster gets his life back together 
30.43m Returning to Hollywood to become a Gag writer, Discussing Buster becoming bankrupt. 
35.08m  Discussing Busters popularity resurgence + Career later on 
38.50m People who have been inspired by Buster Keaton’s life
44.45m Outro 
47.07 Joke of the Day


Highlighted Histories Podcast

Highlighted Histories – Grock – ‘The King of Clowns’

In this episode of the Cheeky Podcast, Tom and Ian discuss what they found about Grock, a famous 20th century European clown often titled “The King of Clown’. Tune in to hear about the skills, performances and even mansion of this whimsical performer.  

Episode 19 – Timestamps

0.11m Introductions 

1.34m  Researching the King of Clown

3.09m Grock in the time of Charlie Chaplin 

5.38m Vila Grock – A Mansion owned by a clown. 

What happened to Grocks Fortunes ? 

11.22m Lifes a Lark / 
Being a musical Clown and multi skilled man. 

14.35m Backtrack – Grocks Earlier Years 

18.30m Grocks Stage Gags 

20.11 How did Grock become rich? 

24.25m Places Performed / Grock shying away from Political Statements / Famous Friends? 

26.46m Other Extrodary Skills / Combining Clown with other Skillsets /
 Grocks last performance / 

29.18m A little about Grocks performance Partners

30.35m Joke of the Day + Outro

Grocks Stage Performace




Villa Grock

Villa Grock Google Images Result

Highlighted Histories Podcast

Highlighted Histories – Charlie Chaplin Pt. 2

The second half is here!

Tom and Ian discuss the rest of Charlie Chaplin’s life, including becoming an independent film producer, the peak and fall of popularity, as well as communist accusations and receiving the longest standing ovation in Academy Award history…

TIME STAMPS : Things we Talk / Laugh About

0.00 Introductions to Part 2
1.12 Production changes after becoming independent / Charlies Perfectionism
2.44 Charlies second marriage to Lita Grey + Controversy
4.34 The Next films made, ‘The Gold Rush’ and ‘The Circus’
5.47 Sound being introduced into film + ‘City Lights’ film
8.08 ‘Modern Times’ film
9.22 Charlies third marriage + More controversy
9.54 ‘The Great Dictator’ Film
10.47 ‘Monsieur Verdoux’ film / Falling popularity
12.04 ‘Limelight’ film / Getting Older
13.40 Banning from the U.S after communist accusations
14.45 Formal Recognition of this work
15.53 Charlies Oscar Ceremony
16.46 Charlies Death / Unexpected Event / Quick Facts
18.57 Outro
19.38 Joke of the Day
21.05 End


Charlie Eats his shoe, ‘The Gold Rush’

‘City Lights’ Final Scene

The Great Dictator Finale Speech

1972 Oscars Standing Ovation

Charlie Chaplin’s Favorite Recipes !


Youtube Video about ‘Dramady’

Charlie Chaplin Website:

Britannica Page:

Wikipedia Page:

Highlighted Histories Podcast

Highlighted Histories – Charlie Chaplin Pt. 1

Charlie Chaplin has been described as one of the greatest film makers of all time. His comic character ‘The Tramp’ became an icon in silent film, with his unique blend of comedy and empathy, chaos and care.

In this episode of Highlighted Histories, Tom and Ian take a look into the early life of Charlie Chaplin.

Next week we will be releasing part 2 of this two part mini series.

TIME STAMPS : Things we Talk / Laugh About

0.00 Introductions
1.13 Disclaimer !
2.24 Charlie Chaplin Introduction
3.35 Upbringing and Childhood
4.43 First performing work – Clog Dancing
5.30 Transitioning to Comedy / Performing in Sherlock Holmes 
7.53 Career Patterns 
8.44 Becoming a comedic touring performer
9.32 Being Scouted for Film / Joining Keystone Studios
12.46 Signing with Essanay Company film Studios
14.09 Signing with Mutual Company film Studios
15.42 A reason for Charlies success
17.00 Signing with First Nationals Film Company / Seeking Independence / Personal Life
18.43 First Marriage, and making of the Film ‘ The Kid’
19.15 Reasons behind the sucess of ‘The Kid’ film
21.05 Outro
21.35 Joke of the Day
22.29 End


Youtube Video about ‘Dramady’

Charlie Chaplin Website:

Britannica Page:

Wikipedia Page:

Highlighted Histories Podcast

Highlighted Histories – Emmett Kelly

Emmett Kelly’s life is held in such high regard as the clown who invented the tramp clown. Listen in as Tom and Ian discuss the world renowned Emmett Kelly in this all new series – Highlighted Histories.

In this new series, Tom and Ian provide a short biography of a selected famous clown in history, and then ask questions, discuss and find out new information. Next week we will be discussing Charlie Chaplin!

TIMESTAMPS – Things we talk / laugh about

00 – Introductions
1.13 – Emmett Kelly Intro
2.15 – Birth and Young Adulthood
4.43 – Marriage and Children
5.36 – Invention of Acts
7.20 – Before Weary Willie
8.54 – Ringling Brothers Era
10.23 – Hartford Circus Fire
13.18 – Emmett Kelly Jr.
15.00 – Not quite patriotism
16.25 – International Clown Hall of Fame
18.52 – Otto Griebling
20.43 – Outro
21.31 – Joke of the Day
22.19 – End


Weary Willie Sketch
Sweeping the Spotlight Emmett Kelly
‘Carrying Water’ Photo
Hartford Fire Recount
International Clown Hall of Fame
Clown: My Life In Tatters and Smiles – Autobiography by Emmett Kelly Sr.
Oleg Popov Spotlight act